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PAPA - Harmony
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PAPA - Liberty

Our Inspiration
The Mother                    >-> View More <-<               Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother revolutionized the concept of education nearly a hundred years back. What is increasingly understood as holistic education now was mentioned by them as Integral Education taking into consideration the development of all the aspects of the human being namely the physical, the emotional and the aesthetic, the intellectual around the flowering of the psychic and the spiritual.

Their vision of education addresses the true spiritual fulfillment of man, its object being that every child is an evolving soul which is unique and potentially divine and infinitely capable. We believe that education needs to create the right environment to enable this essence to blossom. Their aim of education has never been merely founded on achieving material success or restricted only to the ability to earn one’s livelihood as it is today; it has instead taken into consideration the flowering of the human consciousness. Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education(SAICE) at Pondicherry was started by the Mother way back during the early nineteen forties .Our school at Hyderabad is inspired by this model of education which is truly unique in the world wherein learning is a joyous journey of self discovery.
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