Integral Education Ideals

Our school is guided by Sri Aurobindo’s three principles of Teaching:

  1. The first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught.
  2. The second principle is that the mind has to be consulted in its own growth.
  3. The third principle of education is to work from the near to the far, from that which is to that which shall be.

In the light of these three principles we need:

  • To show the true purpose of teaching which is to bring forth the hidden knowledge within the child and help it to rise to the surface.
  • To help every child to develop his own intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, moral, spiritual being and his/her communal life and impulses out of his own temperament and capacities.
  • To develop the child’s mental faculties and build the powers of his mind.
  • To enable the teachers to develop their zeal for perpetual progress.

Guiding Principles

Human development critically depends on the ambience, the opportunities generated and the material support provided in a free and joyous environment.

  • Learner learns when motivated.
  • Learning lasts long when it is experiential.
  • Every learner has potential to learn on one’s own.
  • Learning betters as one becomes progressively independent of the teacher in the classroom.
  • Pace of learning varies from student to student..