Grade 5 to 7
Children of this age group, relate to their surroundings primarily through their emotions. A large part of their learning is based on the acquisition of life skills and in developing their aesthetic sensibility by means of art, craft, music, dance and dramatics. Project and task based learning ensures the right and left brain activities to synergize. Several fests and club activities provide for rich experiences in self expression.

  1. Focus is on the development of the vital being through (IDA)- Integral development activities.
    • Choice of learning any 1 from Group A: Music: tabla, flute, keyboard, vocal carnatic, Dance, Dramatics
    • Group B : Art & craft, Pottery, Foreign languages.
  2. Projects make part of the curriculum.
  3. Kavi Sammelan annually in all languages.
  4. Bhagavat Gita Quiz and Antakshari
  5.  Lit fest in all languages.
  6. Clubs – Bharat, Jignyasa, BhashaVahini