We would like to say that the overall experience of online class for our kid was very good, specially the fact that kids can interact with the teachers and classmates daily.
We feel that virtual teaching can be the best, the way Sri Aurobindo School has followed. Most of the time the teachers were like the parents and we as parents were like the strict teacher. The level of patience and hardwork didis had, cannot be comparable to anything.Only problem which we have faced with our kid was attending the class for an hour. When it was half an hour he used to enjoy alot but now after 45mins it was a challenge for u to make him sit for next 15mins.
The best part of being associated with Shri Aurobindo international school was the fact that the basic values of what the teachers teaches is grounded with the Indian ethical values which is appreciated by our elders also at home.
We as a parents are assured that our kid is growing in the best environments we could provide for
Parents of Shaury Narania
LKG A Jasmine house