1. When is the admission open for LKG?
    • Notification regarding admission into next academic year is displayed in the website in the month of November of every year.
  2. What is the age for admission into LKG?
    • Child should have completed 3 years 6 months as on 30th June of that particular academic year of admission into LKG. If the age-requirement is not matching, the enquiry form does not get generated.
  3. How to apply for admission?
    • Online Enquiry form is notified in the website under ADMISSIONS menu and scrolling updates for stipulated time period after notification of admission.
    • Online Enquiry form needs to be filled only during the given time period failing which admission is not possible. PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH SCHOOL personally or FOR PRINTED ENQUIRY FORM/ ADMISSION FORM / PROSPECTUS.
  4. What are the guidelines to fill the Enquiry Form?
    • Enter your child’s full name and Parents’ name exactly as it is in the Birth Certificate in Capital letters.
    • Select the date of birth by clicking on the Calendar Icon.
    • If your child has own sibling studying presently in Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad enter the name and class. Do not enter cousin’s or neighbours’ name.
    • Please provide complete and correct contact details. If any discrepancy the school cannot be held responsible.
  5. Stepwise process of admission in LKG?

  1. What are the important documents needed during admission process?
    • Copies of following documents are needed (originals for verification)
      1. Birth Certificate of Child
      2. Aadhar Card of Child and Parents
      3. Caste Certificate of Child (if any)
  2. What criteria is followed to short list the candidates?
    • Sibling (Brother or Sister of the Child) studying in our school.
    • Children of School Staff (Teaching and Administrative).
    • We conduct LOTTERY for admission.
    • NOTE : Sibling/Staff Child are not entitled for direct Admission.
  1. What are the reasons for rejecting the enquiry form/Application form?
    • Age Criteria
    • Distance beyond 4km radius of school
    •  The school authorities reserves the right to expel a student on any one of the following grounds:
      1. Undesirable conduct of the student / Parent / Guardian
      2. Any decision by the School Administration in this regard will be final and binding on the   parent/ guardian.
  2. Are there Admissions for classes other than LKG?
    • NO ADMISSIONS except against any vacancy which will be clear only in the month of March.
  3. Is there any transport facility provided by the school?
    • Transport facility is available for select routes.
    • Please go through the website for the transport routes.
    • Fee for transport is based on the route and distance and is not included in the admission fee.
  4.  When is the school likely to reopen physically post COVID?
    • This is uncertain and depends only on the decision taken by the Government. Until such time, virtual classes are being successfully held on Microsoft Teams platform.