Our Motto

Love to Learn
Learning to Learn

Our Prayer

Make of us the hero warriors we aspire to become. May we fight successfully the great battle of the future that is to be born, against the past that seeks to endure; so that the new things may manifest and we may be ready to receive them.


In order to fulfill one of the main objectives of promoting education in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of man & society, the Institute of Human Study (parent Society) established  Sri Aurobindo International School in 1967, at Hyderabad.

Inspired by the educational vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, the School has sought to implement the curriculum of Integral Education within the ICSE/ISC framework. The school is an English medium coed school. Every child is considered unique and his/her interest is valued. We have no school uniforms; it being one of the expressions of this concept. Education is stress free as there are no examinations till grade 7 and children are evaluated through a variety of assessment tools. There are no textbooks till grade 4 except for languages as play way method is adapted through various means.